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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1989
Owner: superstone from Germany, Bayern
Colorcode: LY3D (tornado red was delivered from 1988 till 1991)

Information / Adjustments :
- Reanimated in 2016 after 14 years in shelter.
- 135.000 km
- Stock PG G60 Engine, just no modifications!
- Stock Body, no modifications.
- Original Color, only left door repainted 1998 due to damage.
- Original interior. Only roof ceiling redone in 2016.

- Engine overhaul w original parts
- Spiral supercharger (G-Lader) rework by Theibach-Performace (just rework, no tuning)
- Chassis restauration
- Coilover adjustable suspension
- New original brakes, axles
- Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust System by Friedrich Motorsport joined by stainless steel elbow fans and original catalyst.
- Original BBS RS 302 rebuilt from 8x17 to 7,5x17 ET27 (org.8x17 ET40 to 7,5x17 w 26mm SCC Adaptation Discs from 4x100 VW to 5x120 BMW), Tyres Nakang Ultra Sport 185/35R17
- Dectane black rear lights

- newly revised original brakes, Girling 54, w stainless steel flex tubes
- revised wheel carriers front axle
- stainless steel elbow fans (TeZet Faecherkruemmer)
- Hood mats renewed


Wishlist :
some more time to drive :)

Totalscore: 60, average:10