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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1989, model 1990: number 001969
Owner: OnecleanwhiteG60 from U.S.A., Alabama
Colorcode: L90E (alpine white was delivered from 1988 till 1993)
Bought on date: 01/13/1994

Information / Adjustments :
Production Date: July, 1989 but sold as a 1990 model in the US.
I paid $8000.00 (US) and she had 54,572 miles on her. I have now owned my car for over 25 years and she now has over 177,000 miles on her.

Modifications by Brand or Company...

Neuspeed: Softsport springs with Bilstein Sport shocks and struts, front solid 25mm and rear 28mm anti sway bars, P-Flo air intake with K&N Filter, P-Chip for ECU, 8mm spark plug wires, stainless steel braided brake lines, HP II kit (180 degree thermostat and fan switch, ISV (idle stabilizer valve) reroute to intake, fuel enrichment solenoid, 68mm billet aluminum pulley), hollow front upper stress bar

Autotech: Cross drilled and slotted rotors, cadmium plated with Mintex Redbox Pads for the rear, HOR Technologies G60 camshaft with .421 lift/260 degree duration, Sachs Power Clutch, 10 pound billet steel lightened flywheel, Quaife ATB differential

Eurosport Accessories: G60 steel intercooler tubes, solid lower front stress bar

Bahn Brenner Motorsport: Light weight hydraulic lifters, billet aluminum fuel rail, fuel rail fuel pressure regulator adaptor, Accel 30lb fuel injectors, Schrick cast aluminum oil pan with windage tray, Girling 60 dual piston caliper upgrade with PBR ceramic/metallic pads for front brakes

Techtonics Tuning: 2.5" cat back stainless steel exhaust with dual Borla mufflers, re-used factory tip, heavy duty strut bearings (VR6 conversion), heavy duty engine mounts, 8-valve high flow big valve upgrade kit (41mm X 34mm with 7mm valve stems), heavy duty valve springs, titanium retainers, three angle valve grind

Extrude Hone: Head, intake and exhaust manifolds were Extrude Honed using abrasive flow machining process (go to www.extrudehoneafmcom(0).com to get an explanation of and to see what the process is)

ARP fasteners: head bolt set for 4cyl under hood VDO black mechanical oil pressure gauge (0 to 60 psig)

TM Tuning: Aero wipers for windshield

Fuel tank (55 liter): had to replace the original tank with a used one because it had developed a crack

Wheels: Factory optional BBS RM alloy 6 1/2J X 15 for 1991 model year

Current Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE11A in P205/50ZR15
G-2: high temperature (1000F/300C) red brake caliper laquer

G60: Original was reinstalled in 2006 after being remanufactured by Bahn Brenner Motorsport to OEM standards plus ported and polished, knife edged and port matched to RSR outlet, BBM RSR outlet added too and a 3mm wider (12mm) than OEM G60 timing belt.

Headlights: Installed E-Codes with HID conversion using Hella ballasts and Philips 5000 Kelvin 35 watt bulbs for low beam and H-3 bulbs for high beam but it's actually the other way around in terms of light output! The low beams are way brighter than the high beams! Designed with a friend's help a plug and play wire harness using a continuous duty marine grade solenoid to support them so NO factory wiring was cut at all. US H9004 sockets plug into the harness.

Heater core recall finally complied with (completed) in November 2004.

I have updated a few pictures in 2009 after extensive head work was completed at the beginning of that year. I have not added any new pictures since then. I replaced the sunroof seal and recovered the sunroof panel ceiling headliner myself. It was a tedious job!

Attended three VW car shows in 2005 when I lived in Virginia:
Bugout #57, Manassas, VA, received third place in class
VW Flight #4, Culpeper, VA, received second place in class
Waterfest 11, Englishtown, NJ, received third place in class

I participated in three small car shows in the summer of 2009 when I lived in Kansas. They were for all makes and models. I managed to get one first place and one second place in class trophies.

I competed in my first ever auto cross on November 22, 2009 with the Salina, KS region of the SCCA (Sport Car Club of America). I drove the Solo II event. I was certainly the only Corrado there and one of two VWs at the entire event of 93 competitors. The performance and handling of the car took a lot of people by surprise! It was more than able to hold its own against most of the high performance Japanese cars--even the all wheel drive ones (STIs and Evos) and I was running on my street tires.


Just recently finished competing in my second autocross on the 5th of June at my base's airfield again. This time I took first place in my class simply because the better guys moved to another class! Still, it was a lot of fun and my last autocross in Kansas as I have moved back to Virginia. Now that I am in Virginia I look forward to the many big car shows around this area and will look at getting into participating in autocrosses too!


After living in Virginia for a year and a half, I have not gotten into the autocross scene here like I wanted to. I did however go to some more car shows. A couple of local ones where I had no recognition and I attended Bugout #71 last May where I took an unbelievable first place in class even though half of my interior was out of the car!


After retirement from the Army and moving around a couple of times, I have settled down in Georgia and I have competed in Autocross solo events off and on since 2014. There are no new photos to post here of any interest lately. This past year I have been back to work full time and became a father! So the Corrado hasn't been driven too much lately. It sits in the garage and collects dust but it still gets driven. I've noticed the last couple of years that hardly anyone visits Corrado-database in real-time anymore I guess largely because of the devil facebook!


I removed the original G60 again for another rebuild by BBM after about 50K miles. I also had Bahn Brenner rebuild my spare supercharger.


It has been almost three years since I competed in Autocross. Now that my daughter is two years old and I am settled in my job and we have moved to Savannah I hope to once again compete in Autocross!

Wishlist :
I still want to do a full dyno tuning session to develop the proper eprom from any good tuner to dial the car in to work with the head upgrades and improved airflow, maintain and take care of and enjoy driving her for years to come!

The hatch to remain rust free now that it has been repaired and repainted from some rust for the second time. Keeping an eye on this!
The lower corner right on the edge of the window seal has once again developed a small area of exfoliation rust. I need to search for a good body shop if there is one to repair this nagging issue. The last time it was repaired, I think the clear coat was not properly done and water got in under it and caused this. The car is always garaged so it has mostly only gotten wet when washing and a couple of rain showers.

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